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Sunday, February 7, 2016

What I saw

syntax error
purging is in humanity
this isn't in my reality, this is my life.
utor elix namque maximus sicca = make drain or dry as they were.
utor confido certus = make fixed by feel.
facere inferiore in pondus ad clxxv tunc esse adhoc posterius = make lower in weight till a certain weight then maintain till later
I am in end 166 amazing right? all I had to do is declare the ideal as I drank water. He doesn't have to declare himself as he is aware. Whatver I do I can lose weight and not cause others to gain weight. This is so fun. As whatever I do I will not do unless necessary as I think to step out of the gozu pyramid so I will see and do things as I am free or not do things. That is the too truth so I will act demonic or with ideal soo I think to create better from nothing done.

So when you focus away from the area or you, then you won't effect others or yourself as you do dangerous spells. So think less tense or no tense, then talk or speak then your calm. This is with thought to work, then you think as energy is the will that creates by your feel. This was from an ann ouncement aspect. So I think its not there as somewhat fitting by now. No hatred with love occurs by now, this is an ideal you dismiss by doing other acts by activity. This is where you focus then think the message, think then your aware so the body energy vibration is heard as a mind voice or telepathy. so they hear you or you hear them. the hospital is one such place you can do this with, as there are allot of people there then you are aware by aura energy.

This is not where this is too fun except to seem nice by ideal with life or death. So I think then am aware with respect to others. All I could get is benefits with or without a job. I do have no jealousy am I well. Everything is written positive. So as you think or focus energy through the arms to the hands or feet from the crown chakra or hera that is gut brain activity that you see or use as energy then you strengthen the arms or legs as this is blood flow activated. So think nothing occurs as you watch something, if you want something then things could happen.

Then do this to punch for extra hit or not use this as ability or think to run  then your run faster, this is with energy at your feet relesed as you lift your feet for a faster run. this uses the innately created ability to work with others then you work with items to create your ideal. so your free or useful by thinking you are free, think then as you know this is truely what you want things work out. the way I did it is with losing weight is avoid high fructose as you eat a little, drink then exercise allot. this is a point I thought with some focus point that by ideal exists. so farewell by now as you ciou em well.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRYHmniQnA8 astral ideal
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNal9_-cyQA robert bruce

requests or article points

escape to plan

think your best as you are escaping from that world so you are aware of the options, think of what you know and you realize what is not always on the planet or not there if the planet was destroyed. as you think the point then are aware of the situation you will shift to the best choice, as that is where you think of the place or people to be born in a family. think of the family nature that does include any race or deep religion, that's spiritual or self discovery so your aware that means no religion. think what you want thinking a point to do, think as you want then the subconscious creates what you need. then think what you want to fix the moment that your in, then your free to do what you want as you discover you have the time.

if you don't want to go othen think of your normal point in time, then you use the creator to reappear where you were if noone there then your safe. that is all the advice I can care to give you, focus then think as you need to realize then you know as I must go myself. ciou I am thee, so I know what I am going to do. I can work with a thought that guides what you or I do, then you or I think the thought that you or I need. think the point then work with an ideal that is the shift by ideal that I or you can think. this is the end point that I saw.